Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Discover the Benefits of Teaching with Google Classroom!

Discover the Benefits of  Teaching with Google Classroom! 

I began using Google Classroom as my primary lesson and assignment delivery platform two years ago and it has fundamentally changed my way of teaching.  The reasons why I teach with Google Classroom are MANY!  Besides being free (and what teacher doesn't like free) Google Classroom enhances classroom teaching by:

  • Making collaborative learning easy.
  • Providing a platform for transparent and seamless communication.
  • Providing students with easy access to materials used in instruction.
  • Allowing differentiation in student instruction, materials, and activities.
  • Establishing a method for learning in a way that students learn best - with technology!
  • Keeping both teachers & students organized.
  • Allowing for real-time feedback.
  • Creating a seamless integration of G-suit...
and so much more!

If you are new to Google Classroom or if you just need a refresher, I have created this Google Classroom Basics video just for you.

Become part of the Google Classroom community and share your accomplishments, your tips & tricks and any issues you encounter by providing your comment below.  I hope this post will help you to be a little more Googley!


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