Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Google Classroom Student Orientation

Google Classroom Enhances Student Learning!

          I've been using Google Classroom for two years now and I have found it invaluable for student learning.  Google Classroom is an amazing platform for delivering curriculum and lesson content for any subject in almost any grade.  In addition, Google Classroom is a powerful communication tool for both teachers and students.  

 Students Need to Understand How to Use Google Classroom to Effectively Use It

          Google Classroom is easy for both teachers and students to use.  But last school year I realized that my students were not utilizing Google Classroom to their full potential and that they were asking me basic questions about navigating Classroom's features.  This was MY FAULT!  I failed to fully orientate them with the Google Classroom platform and features when I enrolled them.  Vowing to do better, I created a Student Orientation video to help students better understand some basic features in Google Classroom such as:
  • Navigating Classroom
  • Classroom's stream
  • Differences between Announcements, Assignments, and Questions
  • How to Turn Assignments in
  • Private and Public Comments
  •  The About Resources Tab
  • Using Google Calendar
  • Noting Upcoming Assignments
  • Navigating Topics     

In addition to the orientation video, I uploaded this Student Quick Guide to Google Classroom created by Alice Keeler.

Google will be pushing out new Classroom updates this Fall!  Subscribe to my blog to receive updated Google Classroom information and videos.  

I hope this post will help you to be a little more Googley!


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